Looking good and feeling good are not the same thing.

Would you like to feel more authentically happy, to not have to pretend that 'it's all good'?

Once you experience how much better it is to actually feel happier, then it is about making the time, and finding the right person to act as confidant, coach and guide. I can help you in this regard. I have the wisdom, life experience, and a wealth of training and skills that are the makings of a great therapist.

How would your life be different if it felt as good on the inside as it appears on the outside?

It is possible to feel as good on the inside as it looks to others on the outside, and the time to feel better is NOW. Study after study has confirmed that self-reflection and self-examination helps people lead happier and healthier lives. It is the inner world and the outer world coming into greater harmony & alignment that helps bring about this change.  

Where and when do YOU ever get a chance to actually let down your guard and express your deepest truths, even to yourself, or in a way that doesn't hurt or alienate someone you care about? 

Having someone like me on your team, someone who will not judge you, who cares about you, believes in your essential goodness, and thinks well about you, is truly a gift.  Do call today to set up an appointment.   We can work together via telephone, Skype, or in person. 

Consider giving me a call so that we can determine if working together might be just what you have been seeking in the way of help.  

Ilene English, MA MFT


130 Petaluma Avenue, 2C, Sebastopol CA 95472


Email: Ilene English
(707) 634-4824


Areas of Practice

family work

How about your own Personal Family Therapist?  A family can hire me for a flat monthly fee as their family's own personal therapist.  Having a skilled healing professional, someone who  thinks well about the entire family, who knows and cares about every member of the family, is of tremendous value.

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one-on-one personal counseling

I offer individual therapy to people dealing with a wide variety of issues, whether it be relationship issues, identity issues, or issues around transitions and loss.  I also welcome couples who may be looking for some more support or valuable information on how to move their relationship to a better place. 

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life coaching

I offer an effective and concise way to help people learn how to more successfully accomplish their life's goals. Where are you stuck in your life, or where do you want to be in a year, or five years from now?  Working together, we can move you towards manifesting your biggest dreams for your life.

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Co-counseling is founded on the principle that we each have within us our own answers. For a mutually agreed period of time, one person is in the "counselor" role and the other is in the "client" role. For the second half of the session the roles are reversed.  The counselor offers complete undivided attention and support. It allows people to reach deeply and find their own inner truth. 

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parent circles

Circles for Parents are support groups for parents and caregivers.  I particuarly love teaching groups of parents that are already friends. You will learn wonderful ways to support each other help your family thrive.  Join with one or more parent, or better yet, organize a group of parents and I will be happy to lead it.

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women’s circle

Whether you're coping with a health issue or trying to change your life for the better, there's nothing like sharing stories and experiences with others on the same path.  With the strength of group support, members benefit from each other's experience, wisdom & resources.  The realization that we are not alone is a hugely healing experience. 

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Ilene is a teacher and a healer. She teaches unconditional love by giving it. Through her, I am learning one of the most difficult lessons ever, how to unconditionally love myself!

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”